With our level of skill and craftsmanship we are able to provide our customers with creative and new ways of working with hardwood.  Our goal is to empower you to have the unique floor that really grounds your overall interior design.  Areas where we have developed this customization are:  Borders, Inlays, Staircase and Stains.

  • Borders - The use of borders can help define a space as well as set-off a design element within the floor.  A border is a frame that typically follows the dimensions of a room. The wood species used in a border can compliment or contrast the wood species used in the main floor. Borders don’t necessarily have to be a wood product. They can include stone, tile, brass or other decorative metals.
  • Inlays – Inlays or medallions are usually installed within the main body of the floor. They can introduce personal significance in the form of a family crest or nautical compass. A popular area for these design elements include: foyer or entry,  office or dining room.
  • Staircase –  Covering a staircase with hardwood is a great way to make a bold design statement. Maintaining a consistent flooring surface can add that finishing touch that is typically left out. This type of design element can really make for a grand feature that compliments your house and can make it stand apart from others in your neighborhood.
  • Stains – Staining a floor is a great way to make it your own. There is a large variety of stock stain colors. If there isn’t quite the color you want, we can custom mix to get the stain color of your choosing.  Staining a hardwood floor can really bring together different surface color elements as well as provide a foundation to build your interior design pallet.  Please keep in mind, there are wood species that do not take stain evenly and are not good candidates for staining. Our design specialists will work with you to find proper alternatives in this situation.

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